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"Reach for the stars,

dream believers."



President & CEO

"Sheila Wenzel is known for working with top young female stars and is a well-respected dealmaker."

-The WRAP 2015

Sheila Wenzel the President & CEO of Wenzel Entertainment established in 2016.  In her 20 years in the entertainment industry, Sheila has worked to discover and develop breakout talent as well as support the growth of those more established actors in film and television. Sheila's career in entertainment started after attending College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota where her future was greatly influenced by her time studying abroad in Italy and Greece and interning in politics at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Sheila came to Hollywood where her strong work ethic forward thinking helped stand out which lead to her quick promotion to agent at Innovative Artists. After discovering and working with some of Hollywood's top stars, her artist's eye was quickly validated and recognized as one of the best in the industry.

Wenzel spent the past 10 years working in the International Film market where she became one of the first U.S. representatives to be accepted into the EU Film's Promotion's-Shooting Stars and became one of the first American Talent Representatives to be a featured speaker at the Berlin Film Festival. Her ability to navigate the complex legal aspects for International Talent crossing the Atlantic, along with her unerring instincts as to how actors and material can connect with a worldwide audience, have uniquely positioned her as a force in Global Film Industry.

Wenzel, is a highly sought-after-expert in navigating the complex legal obstacles to US Actors working in the very lucrative International Film Market. Conversely, Sheila is also known internationally for her knowledge of the immigration and work visa requirements allowing Foreign stars to work on American entertainment projects. Her movement to President & CEO of Wenzel Entertainment will further allow her to build upon her relationships with extensive EU Talent Finance and Production Companies.

Sheila is an active volunteer and National Speaker for the American Heart Association and the Go RED for Women Campaign. Sheila is also an artist whose paintings have been showcased in Los Angeles Galleries; her most recent solo art exhibition was at Il Moro in Los Angeles from December 2015 through June 2016.

Watch Sheila in action to see why she is passionate about art and the clients she represents.

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